3D Concepts

About Us

As a Qualified Engineer, Otto’s background is in Mechanical Engineering. After he started volunteering at Northcross school, he saw a real need in this type of field for children and so decided to do afternoon classes. This has grown from strength to strength and now also offers holiday programmes.

How you help children

3D Concepts specialises in designing creative curriculum materials to encourage student engagement in Design and Robotics.

Learning through making and using technology as a creative tool to reconnect the digital and physical worlds.

This has helped to develop a formula for an educational process that is collaborative, cross-disciplinary and fun.

Much like a game, each kid is assigned a creative mission, based on their interests, that takes them through a full design and project management process.

We encourage students to step out of their comfort zone. Teaching children to obtain the skills and knowledge to design concepts. We use 3D Design software called CADS software. This enables the children to apply mathematical and geometry. Through the robotics, the children will be learning to use a code which is scratch based coding.

Warm and friendly environment

A warm and friendly classroom, fully equipped with computers, 3D printers and Robots.

Our goal is to inspire and encourage children. We also encourage them towards a career in engineering.

Our goal is to inspire and encourage children. We also encourage them towards a career in engineering. You are always welcome to contact me via phone if you would like to chat and you can email me for further details.