The toughest & most rewarding job

Despite the millions of books and articles written, the countless TV shows and documentaries, and even scores of dedicated radio programmes dedicated to the subject – we still often feel clueless when it comes to parenting.

Just when we think we are on top of things, our off-spring will throw us a curve ball and we are left wondering:

“Where did that come from?” and “what do I do now?”

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From the moment we learn a new life is coming into the world we build hopes and expectations of what life will be like. We may swear to not repeat the same mistakes as our parents and wish to give our children things we never had the opportunity to experience. But somehow “life” often gets in the way of our grand plans and before we know it, we are off track. Parenthood is not what we thought it would be.

No life experience is as demanding as parenting a child. To have a child is to feel love, fear, guilt, joy, regret, pride, hope, despair, anger, happiness and faith in equal measure (and many other emotions as well). We need to accept that good families – even great families – get off track. The trick is to know what that “track” looks like and keep coming back to it.

So whether your family is a blended family, is experiencing a family breakdown, or you could do with learning a few new parenting skills to handle a particular situation, help from an experienced practitioner can help get you, and your family, back on track. Even if you have taken on the responsibility of educating your child at home, help is still available.