KidsLink Schools

KidsLink schools

Because is such a useful resource tool for families and teachers, we have more than 235 schools across the greater Auckland & Waikato region who are using and sharing the site with their school community.

Each school gets a visit from Michele Yock - our founder. She introduces KidsLink and the vision about why it got started. She takes schools through the site and explains how it works and how it can help them in their work with the children and families in their school.


"As the name suggests KidsLink links schools, parents and students with a range of resources in their area. Since joining KidsLink in 2014 KidsLink has offered the students at our school, Bruce McLaren Intermediate,  many opportunities ranging from free counselling sessions to fun camps, and other social activities - tree climbing, dance tuition. The website offers information on a wealth of services and how to access these. I heartily recommend that schools speak with Michele Yock at KidsLink to see how your students and their parents could be supported by joining KidsLink." Carol Brooks, Bruce McLaren Intermediate

Access to the "Help for Kids" programme

We know that we are all working together to grow great kids - service providers, school and Through access to the "Help for Kids" programme, our KidsLink schools can apply for access to services that will make the world of difference in a child's life. It could be a learning assessment, a counsellor, an eye exam or even a tertiary scholarship. The team at KidsLink take each case on its merits and do our best to get as many children as possible the help they need. as a source of information

With expert articles on the health, development and well-being children, young people and their families, KidsLink is a great source of information. It provides teachers and schools with a place to read, research and keep up to date.

We send regular newsletters to our KidsLink schools that include new articles by our KidsLink service providers and invites to our KidsLink events... see our events page for details!

Becoming a KidsLink school

Becoming a KidsLink school is easy and requires no financial contribution - we'd just love you to make sure the school community knows about KidsLink and how it can help.

If your school would like to know more about becoming a KidsLink school, contact Michele Yock by email to or phone (09) 959 0531.