KidsLink’s Selection Process

Our selection process

1. Before we even talk to a service we try to find out as much as we can about them. We often receive recommendations from schools or parents who consider a service to be great.

2. If a service “sounds” good, we want to be sure that it is. Like you, we want to know if they have the necessary relevant qualifications and experience - and a good reputation - for the work that they do.

3. KidsLink staff meet with every service before they can be found on this site. We ask a range of questions designed to understand their service better, in much the same way you would want to if you had never heard of a service before – only much more intense! We ask questions designed to find out:

  • how their service is run
  • what their core areas of expertise are
  • how long have they been providing their service
  • their professional memberships
  • what benefits they provide
  • how they select their own staff
  • the systems they use to protect children and young people
  • their attitudes and beliefs about the work they do and their clients

Some services have industry standards to comply with, others do not. We can check to see if they meet them. Where no industry standards apply, we insist that they meet KidsLink’s standards.

KidsLink’s Standards

ALL service providers found on must have:

  • genuine expertise in the specialities they appear under on backed by relevant qualifications and experience
  • the ability to build a positive relationship with you and your child showing empathy and understanding
  • the ability to supply KidsLink with genuine testimonials and professional referees who can endorse their work

They must also sign a declaration which states they:

  • meet the required standards of professionalism set by the industry in which they practice
  • can verify any qualifications and/or experience claimed, and any testimonials referred to
  • have no criminal history that would, in the opinion of the general public, make them (and their employees) unsuitable to work with children
  • agree to exercise responsible care to do good and reduce the risk of harm to others

And finally, at the end of this process we ask ourselves...

Would we feel comfortable using this service with our own children?"

If a service can meet these standards, you can find them on