Identifying and Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect

KidsLink is committed to keeping children healthy and safe

As part of our child and young persons' protection policy, we have created this information page to provide details for identifying and reporting child vulnerability including potential or actual child abuse and neglect.

If your concern relates to a service provider on please contact us immediately. We take all matters of child safety very seriously and will take immediate action.

An easy way to work through the right steps is the 6 R's:

  1. Recognise - signs of abuse and neglect
  2. Respond - to concerns or disclosures
  3. Report - to KidsLink and/or CYF or Police
  4. Record - for your records and high quality referral
  5. Re-notify - if nothing has improved or it has deteriorated
  6. Reflect - seek support and provide feedback to improve policies and procedures

Here are some guidelines for reporting child abuse or neglect from Safeguarding Children Initiative

This guide is intended to make it easier for CYF's or the Police to identify the child/young person or concerning adult and for them to understand your concerns.

Date of contact:

Time of contact:

Name of the child:

Date of birth (if known) or even approximate age:

Address of the family/whanau (if known):

Contact telephone numbers (if known):

School or early childhood setting the child attends:

Name of GP (if known):

Names of other children in the household or connected to the child you are concerned about:

Name of parents or carers:

Name and address of the adult that is posing a risk to the child:

Car registrations (you may witness an incident in a supermarket carpark for example):

Who was present when the incident occurred:

The place/purpose you had contact with the child, eg:

  • planned or unplanned contact
  • home visit / telephone contact / clinic contact / seen at school / counselling session / doctors appointment

Evidence / information gathering:

  • what you have seen / heard / smelt
  • what you did or did not observe the parent / carer / adult do or say that concerns you
  • what did the child say
  • what did the child do
  • presentation of the child
  • use speech marks to document what was said

Analysis / what actually concerns you:

  • impact on the child
  • consequences
  • signs of risks
  • signs of safety

Action Plan: for you

  • time scale - review date
  • signature and print name
  • record of referral / copy of Report of Concern for your own notes

Your name:

Your contact details:

Today's date:

If you want to remain anonymous, please indicate on the Report of Concern

Remaining anonymous means the other information you provide must be accurate as CYFs or the Police will have no way of contacting you to clarify things.


Keep a copy of your Report of Concern for yourself or your organisation.

A Report of Concern can be made by:

Call: 0508 FAMILY (0508 326459)

Fax: 09 914 1211


Source: Safeguarding Children Initiative