A driver licence – that important little piece of plastic!

We don’t learn to walk and talk in a day. We don’t learn to drive in a few hours. It takes time, patience, practice and continual practice to learn one of the most important skills in life. We need a licence to drive and these days it is much harder to achieve.

Being a driver

There are more vehicles on the roads now. Powerful, fast cars driven by aggressive, impatient people - we need to learn how to cope in the driving environment which is constantly changing from second to second.

When someone is in the driving seat for the first time they are amazed how many things have to be paid attention to. Sometimes when parents are there too they haven’t realised how complicated it actually is.

I see it all the time

The thrill and joy of gaining that restricted licence... it’s a life changer!

  • I can drive a car by myself
  • I have independence
  • I can drive to my job or school
  • I can go to sports activities
  • I can go shopping
  • Mum and Dad don’t have to take me anywhere
  • I can go see my friends when I want to
  • I don’t have to carry lots of stuff
  • I no longer have to wait for a bus
  • I no longer have to depend on anyone for transport

That little piece of plastic in your wallet means so much

  • Why after a while do we forget that?
  • Why would I risk all of the above?
  • Why would I take friends in the car when I am restricted?
  • Why would I speed?
  • Why would I try to drive when I’ve had a few drinks?

Mum and Dad

  • How do you consistently drive?
  • Would you challenge yourself to a restricted test today?
  • Try living without your licence for a week!

Respect that little piece of plastic!

by Olive Inglis - Adams Driving School